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The Conversation Hub, London Transport Museum

In partnership with homeless charity St Mungo’s, the project bridges the divide between the museum space and vulnerable adults on their doorstep.  The Conversation Hub creates a social enterprise to engage individuals as Happy Museum volunteers on visible, valued museum community projects, contributing to the social, cultural and economic vitality of the area – and a more integrated local community.

The Happy Museum at London Transport Museum is a pilot for a new way of working with community groups at LTM. It will see the Museum working as a community hub to facilitate a more integrated and happy local community by working with vulnerable adults and the organisations that directly support them. Through this project we want to develop LTM as an active hub for conversations between local groups which increases peoples wellbeing. We see this as a way to develop the resilience and sustainability of our community programme, embedding internal and external partnerships. We’re working in partnership with St. Mungo’s clients (people who have experienced homelessness) to develop and deliver public activity in the Museum through a pilot volunteer programme.

The project is made up of three major stages of work

1.       A pilot volunteer programme for St. Mungo’s clients. This is a a new 3 month volunteering project. Current volunteers are joining new volunteers recruited through St. Mungo’s to develop a new handling trolley theme for the Museum.







2.       Using this pilot to inform the development of a sustainable volunteering offer for vulnerable people at LTM

3.       Creating a network of local individuals, social care agencies and community organisations that work with vulnerable adults, to drive future partnerships and initiatives ? the Conversation Hub

What do we have in place to help us achieve this?

–          The project group, who will steer and lead the project, will be made up of St. Mungo’s staff, representatives from the new volunteers and LTM staff from Learning, Operations, Customer services, Curatorial and Facilities.

–          Current volunteers at LTM will also be involved in the project, providing training and consultancy for the Happy Museum Volunteers.

–          We hope to develop further potential partners through the Conversation Hub for future work.








Key dates

–          Pilot volunteer programme: Tuesdays 28 Feb to 15 May

–          Second volunteer programme tbc (approx. Sept-Nov)

–          Conversation Hub events tbc (probabaly one in June and one in October/Novemebr)



Website, blogsites etc






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